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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wordless Wednesday, Pristine White With a Touch of Yellow

A rose.

*Be sure to check out Linda's fabulous Tradescantia--Spiderwort over at Flipside today.  No spiderworts in Reflection's gardens so sharing with you a rose.  Photo taken in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Michigan last week.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday, Flipside, Refections Has NO Answer Today

Well, Linda from Flipside got me today.  She posted her Jack-in-the-Pulpit today, as usual great photos.  But, alas, Reflections has no response, maybe I shall have to visit the nursery and see if I can find one to add to my own garden?

So, here is my offering of the day.  This small delight was growing in a berm at the grocery store.  I am sure many would consider a weed.  Name, unknown.  My reward for running errands??  Nice reward!

*Today at Reflection's Flora and Fauna, Bob's"B", the Bird Nursery. Wordless, of course.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

So Many Photos, Whats a Gal to do??

I just know you already have guessed.  Yep, design a new outlet, errr, blog, for the excess.

It seems I have become addicted to my camera. I cannot leave the house without it, errands to run, no matter, take it with me, I might find something real interesting on the way to the store. 

If I don't take the camera, for sure something catches my eye and I either miss the opportunity, or I go get the camera and return for my photo.  That is not too bad till there is over 1/2 mile between camera and photo op.  Ya, I went and got the camera, returned for photo, and walked back to the truck.  Went from a 1 mile walk to 2 miles.  Tis ok, I need the exercise! 

Lately when I download my photos I go, ooooo, would love to use that one, ooooo, there is another, and another and  - - - - -

And, I love sharing them here at Reflections, but there really are too many.  What to do??

Thunderbolt, idea, why not???  How bout, this way, nope, that way, nope, what way??

And, thus is born, Reflection's Flora and Fauna.  Oh, yea, another blog!  Currently dubbed an experiment, subject to change as I tweak the colors, the ideas, the project.

Shown here, the bud stage of my "so dark purple it's almost black" iris.  A photo (or two) of the bloom fully open can be found on the new blog. 

I hope you will join me over at Reflection's Flora and Fauna.  Don't fret, you will still see some flowers here at Reflections, but Flora and Fauna will allow me to share more.

*I am as much surprised at this new blog as you might be, I never intended to split up my life, err blog.  Gosh, one never should say never.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Reflection Quick Notes, I am Headed to the Garden

It rained here, over 4 inches worth, on Friday.  Yesterday was one of those mixing days, a little sun, then more clouds, then some spitting moisture (is that Mother Nature saying 'blah'??).  I spent most of the day surfing over at FamilySearch, filling in some MIA data and finding some marriages in places where I did not expect to.  Oh, and my to do list grew, of course, now I want IMAGES to go with those dates!

Today, is sunny and, yep, it is gonna be warm (maybe even hot), but, I am going to try to do some yard work and gardening anyway.

Tomorrow is Karen's turn for Relatively Speaking.  I just know she has something interesting to tell us, she has been away researching and cemetery stomping (in the rain) all week.  Can't wait to read what she has to say.

In the meantime, a columbine from my flower beds, I love columbine, but, they sure don't stay where you put them! 

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's Iris Time

My iris are just starting to bloom.  My first bloomers are these smaller pale purple ones.

Leaf structure is about 12 inches tall, the bloom itself is about 3 inches across.  Look, close, I caught a bug in there dining.  See:

This yellow/white iris is about twice the size, leaf and flower. This beauty is so heavy when they are in full bloom, they have a very hard time staying upright.  I have tried to tie them up, with little success, best solution, cut a HUGE bouquet and bring them in and ENJOY!

This sunshine hurt your eyes yellow iris is a new purchase/addition
 to my flower beds.  Photo does not do justice.

*Photos taken with the new Sony, on macro setting.  I have been a tad unhappy with capturing flowers when trying to stand closer than 5 foot.  Not sharp enough for me, and quite hard to get in focus.  So, the other evening I tried something new, use Macro setting, for 1 to 5 foot distances. Seems to be the answer for me, that said, I am still experimenting.  Practice, practice, practice.  Tough assignment, but someone has to do it!  LOL

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday--Visitors in the Garden, Reflections Take, A Few Words

Flipside's Linda's Wordless Wednesday--Visitors in the Garden, has three great photos.  One has a bee on a flower, next is a butterfly and her last offering has 2 bugs (flies?) on a leaf (I am guessing a hosta leaf).  I am skipping the butterfly.

*Bee on pink taken last fall, not my garden, with the Cannon

**Spider in green taken a few weeks ago, down by the pond on our property, with the Sony

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lillies to be Sentimental Over

This Sentimental Sunday entry is dedicated to my grandmother, Minnie Agnes Halterman Trumbo.

These are lillies (exact botanical name unknown) that Minnie gave me many many years ago - - over 20 years ago.  They are grown in a tightly packed pot and are very fragile as far as temperatures go, so no, these are not like a tulip that must experience some cold weather to bloom.  These are the exact opposite, as freezing temps, cold weather, will finish these beauties off. 

These lillies are so dear to me that I take them with me each winter that we are able to escape in Tana.  I like to have them outside of Tana, but if cold weather threatens, I drag them into Tana until the weather moderates.  This last winter they spent a LOT of time inside Tana. 

They bloom in the early spring, as you can see, these photos were taken during the last 18 days or so.  They get a lot of leaf structure over the summer, I keep watering.  Then in the fall you can cease the watering and the leaf structure dies back.  Come late winter, watering is resumed.  The last few years I have actually continued watering (lightly) most of the winter and the leaf structure did not totally die back.

This last fall though, when we arrived in Gulf Shores, I discovered, to my horror (yep, HORROR, as I am sentimental about these lillies, the thought of loosing them is horrifying to me), I discovered that my lillies had some fuzzy white nasty buggy thing.  This white buggy thing had infected many of my house plants, and I have sadly lost quite a few.  So, I sprayed the lillies with a bug killer and prayed.  The leaf structure died back all winter long, I was continuously removing dead leaves and fearing the worse. 

By the time we were ready to leave Gulf Shores the lilly was pathetic, basically a pot full of small bulbs and dirt.  I watered heavily with soap and water (to kill any other little nasties picked up while outside), placed the lillies in the bath tub of Tana for the ride home.  There is a sky light in the tub, and I have learned that my violets do not do well in there - - their delicate leaves burn - - even though we have some bubble wrap up there to diffuse the sun.  But, when we arrived home, I was delighted to see that Minnie's lillies loved that diffused light from the sky light.  When I started carrying my plants back into the stick built, I pulled out the lilly and behold, I have buds, just 4 of em, but they are buds!  Can we spell relief??  YAA!!

Since then the lilly has been blooming continuously.  Right now there are at least 8 full blooms and even though I did not count them, I believe there have been at least 3 times that already.

Minnie's lillies, yes, I am very sentimental over them. 

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Hurry Up of Spring, Michigan Style

Man and I have been back at the stick built in Michigan for 17 days, give or take, just a bit over 2 weeks.  The flowers and shrubs have been hurrying right along, forsythia in full bloom when we arrived, now, past prime.  Daffodils, just about finished for the year. No tulips when we got home, my 3 sad loners have since popped up and have been blooming every day since.  My wild violets have gone wild!  The flowering crabs bloomed too, one in the front yard was probably as pretty as it has ever been. 

I have been taking photos of some of the plants in the different stages of bloom.  Got this idea from Linda at Flipside, who posted a Wordless Wednesday one week of a flower from bud to full bloom.  Neat idea Linda, thanks!  I created a couple of collages with the best of the best.

Above is my Korean Spice.  The photo top left was taken on the 20th of April.  Bottom right, yesterday.  Middle, today.  Now, if I could only share the scent!  Heavenly!

Above, (ya, I know, not a collage) is my white star magnolia.  Both the white and pink star magnolias were sparse on the blooms this year.  The pink is such a pale pink that it is difficult to tell the difference between the two.

Above, the other collage.  Bleeding hearts, top left was taken April 14th, top right was taken April 20th and the large photo, taken with the macro lens was taken April 29th.

Yep, spring is moving fast round here. 

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wistful Wisteria

Wisteria, I have been told, does grow in the northern climes.  OK.  Gotta say, tho, wisteria in the south is more than special.

*Photos taken with the Cannon, in and around Oyster Bay Alabama.

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flowers, Wordless, Nope Wordy Wednesday

Sorta, wordless.

If you have been reading about our 4 day marathon run home, you may have caught some of my comments about the flowers and flowering bushes we saw all the way home.  Northern Tennessee and Kentucky were spectacular with red buds and dogwoods.  What a show!  I have never quite figured out how to take a decent photo at 60 MPH, so, the bestest photos are now in my memory banks, not digitial, just ole Carol banks!

However, when we stopped in Franklin Kentucky for the night, I found dogwood growing, and they were pretty good specimans! 

I don't see many of these, pink, I believe it is a dogwood.

Ok, maybe I am a bit prejudiced, but, I don't think
you will find any nicer forsythia than what is here in Michigan,
this is in my back yard today when we got home.

Not many words necessary for these daffodils from my yard.

These are very small BLUE flowering bulbs.  I believe they are blue bells.  I took the photo looking up from the ground, quite the challenge since they are only bout 4 inches tall, IF!

All photos taken with the new camera, still in the learning curve.  Starting to get it!  Last one, the blue bell, taken with the macro.  Me think I will like using this camera's macro, never could get the hang of the last one.

Yep, not so wordless.

* Coming soon to Reflections, the rest of our 2009-10 Winter Tana Tour reports.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2009-10 Winter Tana Tour, The Flowers of the Fairhope Art Fair

The flowers and art of the Fairhope Art Fair, Fairhope, Alabama.  (As far as I know, this artwork was not for sale, or I would not have photographed it.)

(Do you see the dog on the bench?)

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Forward

Yep, spring forward, and it is happening around Gulf Shores.  One day nadda, seems like almost over night POP!  Spotted during our drive over to Daphne on Friday were tulip magolias that were already dropping a few of their precious flowers, crab apples in FULL bloom and I even saw a few daffodils (no photos of the daffodils, but, they were as yellow as yellow can be!)

Flowering crab tree, near Robertsdale Alabama.

Above, near Daphne Alabama, tulip magnoia,
not even the best speciman we saw, but, WOW!

Tulip magnolia blossom.  Dahpne Alabama

Another view of the tulip magnolia blossom.

Don't cha just love spring??

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tana on the road, Saugatuck Douglas Michigan

Twas a perfect weather day, sun, blue skies, temps warm but not humid. Totally amazing and delightful.

Man and I, after another lazy morning in Tana, jumped in Big Butt and headed north on the Blue Star Memorial Highway (A2). Stopped at a roadside stands and found some huge peaches, mmm good, $5.00 for 14 of em. We pulled off at the West Side County Park somewhere in Allegan County, accessed the beach, and took the necessary beach photo.

Lunch was again outside, this time at The Butler Deck, Saugatuck. We took a LONG time and enjoyed every minute. After a desert of Hudsonville Ice Cream, a local favorite which we have enjoyed many times at Gun Lake, we meandered around town, in and out of the shops. On review of the photos of the day, I discovered I enjoyed the flowers more than the shopping. See:

We drove around Douglas and the general area, just absorbing the atmosphere, no hurry, no specific plans, just wandering.

Just before sunset a few light high clouds rolled in, which make for great sunset photos, we took over 100, very hard to pick the best of the best, you decide.

Wonderful end to a wonderful day.